Easiest Way of Video Editing with Free Editing Software

In this post, I am going to share you the easiest way of video editing for basic purposes. Nowadays we all have smartphones with enough good quality camera. Some people have a good camera also. We love to click photos and capture videos of beautiful and important moments of our life.

We also want to make beautiful slideshows with those photos and we want to edit those videos to make them more attractive. If you search the internet about video editing tool then you will get lots of options to get some software to edit videos. But the first thing you have to pay much for getting that software and you have to get training for using that software.

Easiest Way of Video Editing with Free Editing Software

But here in this article, I want to share the easiest way to edit videos with free software. i.e. “Windows Movie Maker” from Microsoft. (N.B.- This will not work on Apple computers).

You can download this video editing software from here (Windows 10 or higher)

I personally use 2012 version of Movie Maker which is very easy to use and it runs on Windows XP, Windows 7 or higher versions of Windows. You can download it from here

How to Use Windows Movie Maker:

After installation of Windows Movie Maker 2012, the dashboard will look like-

Easiest Way of Video Editing with Free Editing Software
Now you can make slideshows by using multiple photos or you can directly edit your video clips.

First of all, you click on Add Videos and Photos tab and select the photo or clip you want to edit.
(Available on top left corner)

Now you can use animation on photos or clips. You just select the photo or clip and then click on the Animation tab. (See image below)

Easiest Way of Video Editing with Free Editing Software

You can see the effects of animation just by placing the cursor on animation effects. You can use the same animation for all photos and clips (By clicking Ctrl+A) or you can use different animation for different photos and clips.

Similarly, you can use transition for movement of image or clips. Most of the time we use this only for photos but you can use for video clips also if you need. (See image below)

Easiest Way of Video Editing with Free Editing Software

Now you can add music to your video by clicking on Add Music option (Available on the top left corner under the home button). You can trim or adjust the volume by double-clicking the audio file. You can drag the music file wherever you want to put.

If you want to trim a video clip then you can trim it easily, just select the clip then go to edit button from the top menu then you will get trim tool option.

I know you will be happy if you add caption on video with beautiful effects. So this is also very easy. You just click on the Home button then you will get Title, Caption, Credits options. After typing the caption you can use animation on that caption. Just select the caption then go to Format option on top then you will get different text animation options. You can see the effects just by pointing the cursor on effects.

Now your video is ready. Before final rendering, you can watch the whole video by clicking the play button and you can re-edit if you need. If everything is well & good then go to Home button and click on Save Movie option. Here you will get different options for saving the file. I recommend you to choose for High Definition Display option for better quality.

After rendering the video will be saved in MP4 format. 

This is an easy and simple way of video editing by using free software. If you want more professional editing software and if you ready to pay more then you can get professional software also. But for basic purposes like home videos or YouTube videos you can use Windows Movie Maker.

If you need more help regarding uses of this software or if you want to know professional paid software then comment me.

So that’s it for today. Hope this post will help you in Video Editing.

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