Aarogya Setu App - will help in protection from corona virus and gives notification when exposed to infected person.

At this moment, the whole World is affected by the Corona virus infection. The number of infected patient is continuously increasing. More than 40 thousand people have been died at this time in the whole World.
Aarogya Setu App

Meanwhile, The Government of India has launched an app that may protect you from this epidemic. 

Recently, the Government of India has launched an application on the Corona virus and it is called Aarogya Setu. This app will give every information related to the corona virus or Covid-19. Aarogya Setu App will help the Government and the public in preventing infection of Covid-19.

How does Aarogya Setu App work: 

Aarogya Setu App takes the user's data from the device in the form of encryption and sends the user's data to the server. After this, the user can check whether they came in contact with a person infected with the corona virus. Aarogya Setu App also sends notifications to the user when infected person comes within 6 feet radius. 

The Arogya Setu app tracks the location of the user's smart phone. It also detects through Bluetooth whether the user is in contact with infected patients. The App detects other devices with Aarogya Setu installed that have come in the Bluetooth / GPS proximity of your phone and captures this information.

In the unfortunate case of any of those recent contacts Test positive, the App calculates your risk of infection based on proximity of your interaction and recommends suitable action. It also finds the distance between the two people. 

Apart from this, Aarogya Setu App gives tips to its users to avoid Kovid-19. Arogya Setu Mobile App gives users the answers to all the questions related to Corona virus. It also decides whether users have symptoms of this virus or not. 

Arogya Setu App takes full care of your privacy. If your corona virus test comes positive or you come in contact with infected people then shares your data with the government. But it will never share your data with third party.

If you want to download and install Aarogya Setu Application then CLICK HERE

Significantly, 205 countries have been infected by the Corona virus at this time, in which about 9 lakh people have been infected. Corona has also killed 42 thousand people all over the world.

Corona infection is constantly increasing in India too. At present, 1965 people were infected by corona virus in the country. While 50 people have also died. Nearly all states of India have been infected with Corona.

During this crucial time this Aarogya Setu Application will definitely help the public and Government.

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