How to start a Blog? Blog for beginners and Earning from Blog

How to start a Blog? What is Blog? – All about a blog for beginners.

What is Blog?

Hello friends, today I am going to discuss about blog, blogger and blogging. Most of the people heard about blogging but some of them know about this and most of them don’t know anything about blog or blogging. 

In a simple way we can define blog as a online platform, where you can write or post anything you want. Just like a diary.

How to start a Blog? Blog for beginners and Earning from Blog

You can share anything on your blog; it may be your daily life, your poems, your story, any news, any information, any creativity or any other subject. By making public sharing you can share your blog with anyone in this world through internet.

You can make private blog for limited access. You can share a blog among group of people, where anyone of that group can write on this blog. That means if you want, you can make group of admins for a blog.

Blogger & Blogging:

If you have a blog, you write on that blog or you post on that blog then you are a blogger. Blogger means a person who makes content for a blog. Similarly the blogging means working on blog.

A professional blogger must have knowledge of writing and his content should be easy to understand for the people who visit his blog. The content must be true, interesting and unique so that people come again and again to read the content of the blog.

How to earn from Blog?

I know most of the people want to know the way of earning from blog. Earning from a blog is not an easy task for today’s world, because competition is too high. But still people can earn lots of money from blog.

There are main three ways of earning from a blog. But be sure that you cannot start earning from first day of creating a blog. Because to earn money you have to learn a lot. I will discuss about this later but now I am going to tell about the three ways of earning money from a blog:

1. Displaying ad network content:

First of all you should know about Ad Network. Most of you already heard about Adsense. Adsense is a Google product and it is a ad network. They display advertisement of their clients on your blog and they give you revenue for that. There are lots of ad networking sites available like, Pop Ads etc.

Actually when your blog completes all the requirement of ad networking sites and you have enough visitors on your blog, then ad networking site provides some html codes to you and you have to paste them properly on your blog.

After that some advertisement will be displayed on your blog and your blog visitors can watch those advertisements. If someone clicks on that advertisement then you will get more revenue, otherwise you will get minimum revenue fixed by the ad networking sites. I will discuss about this topic in brief in coming days.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

In affiliate marketing, you have to paste a link of a product on website or blog or on social networking page. So If you have a blog with huge numbers of visitors or traffic then you can earn good money from affiliate marketing using your blog.

You can write about any product or you can review any product and on the same post you can provide the affiliate link of that product. People can buy those products by clicking your link and you will get commission from the affiliate website. Now a day, affiliate marketing is one of the best online earning processes. So, you should try this.

3. Direct Advertisement:

This option is mostly used by famous bloggers. Because if you want to use this option to earn money then your blog must be a very famous blog. As example in India, “shoutmeloud” is most famous blog and you can see direct advertisement on this blog.

The traffic on this blog is unlimited so some company approaches the admin of the blog to display their advertisement on that blog. This is direct advertisement. Here you don’t have to use third party ad network to get revenue because company will direct pay you.

I think you have understood that how tough it will be to get direct advertisement from companies. It is tough but not impossible, so do your hard work and make your blog famous.

So these are the ways of earning money from blog.

How to start a blog?

Starting a blog is very easy and simple. You can choose or WordPress as a platform for creating a blog. I prefer using as a beginner because blogger is free and as a beginner you should start on free platform, you can transfer your blog from blogger to WordPress later.

The interface and tools of are very easy to use for a beginner. There are some differences between blogger and WordPress. I will discuss about these differences in my future posts.

To create a blog on you must have a Gmail account. Now go to, you will see a page like the image below-

How to start a Blog? Blog for beginners and Earning from Blog

Click on “Create your blog”. You will be asked to enter your Gmail id and password. Enter your id and password. A new page will be displayed where you have to put “Display Name”. This name will be the blogger profile name. You can put your name also. Now click on “continue to Blogger” button. (See image below)

How to start a Blog? Blog for beginners and Earning from Blog

Now you are ready to create your blog. You can create multiple blogs under your account. You can manage all blogs with single id and password. On this page you will see a option “Create new blog” at bottom.

Click on that button, a new page will be displayed where you have to put the title of the blog. This title will be the name of the blog. You can put the name as per the topic of your blog.

Now you have to put an address. This address will be the domain of your blog or you can say the link of your blog. (See image below)

How to start a Blog? Blog for beginners and Earning from Blog

As I said it is free, so your domain name is a sub domain of .That means if your domain name is “myfirstblog” then your domain will be “” and if you want to use custom domain then you have to buy a domain from domain registrar like Google, Godaddy etc. You have to pay for this.

Then your domain will be like or or whatever extension you want to use. But as a beginner I suggest you to use free domain under and after spending some time on blogger when you will get sufficient knowledge, then you can buy domain.

One thing you must know that your domain name must be unique otherwise it won’t be accepted. Here in this example I have chosen “myfirstblog” but it was not accepted so I chosen “myfirstblog1105” as the domain for my blog. 

You can choose theme for your blog from the list given or you can choose it later. Now click on “Create Blog”.

That’s it, your blog is ready. (See image below)

How to start a Blog? Blog for beginners and Earning from Blog

So, this is your dashboard for your blog. You can create more blogs by clicking on your blog name on top left corner. You will get “new blog” option there. But now you have to write content for this blog you just created.

You have to write or insert content as a post in the blog. For that, you have to click on “New Post” option on top of the dashboard. You will see another dashboard like the image below-

How to start a Blog? Blog for beginners and Earning from Blog

This is the place where you have to write your article. If you have an idea of working on MS Word, then it will help you because this is similar to MS Word. You will get all the options like formatting, insert, paragraph, alignment and many more.

If you have knowledge of coding, then you can use HTML code also by clicking on “HTML” tab on top left corner or you can simply type to write your content.

After completion of article you can save by clicking on “Save” tab or you can publish your article by clicking on “Publish” button. You can see the preview also and you can edit your post even after get published. There are lots of options you can see like Labels, Schedule and Permalink etc.

You have to set all of these options for better promotion of your blog and these options will help in getting traffic to your blog. You have to use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for listing your blog on search engines like Google or Yahoo. (I will discuss in details about these options in my future posts)

So, friends I have discussed in short about blog and blogging. I hope you can easily create a blog now. In this post i discussed about How to start a Blog? What is Blog? – All about blog for beginners. But apart from this you must know about SEO and other settings for better performance. I will discuss about these topics in my future posts. Till then you create blog and start blogging.

If you want any help or if you want to ask anything about this topic then please comment below or contact me.

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