Google Domains– Why you should choose and buy Google Domain ?

Google Domains– Why you should choose Google Domain now! Reason for buying Top Level Domain (TLD) from Google.

Google Domains– Why you should choose and buy Google Domain ?

The reason behind buying a domain from Google

Easy Verification:

Easy Verification of Google services is a very big advantage of having a domain from Google.

Google has many services like Google Adwords, Page Insights, Analytics etc. To use these services we have to verify our domain by pasting some codes to link the service with the domain.

This is a time taking and little hard task for a normal user. But if you buy a domain from Google then you can connect it to all of Google services easily and quickly without any problem. 

Easy Integration:

As we all know easy integration is the most important feature and you are getting this from Google domains.

Most of the people prefer buying a domain and hosting from the same provider just because to avoid integration problems. But you can use Google domain as a custom domain for Google App Engine, Blogger or Google Sites and you can also link Google domain seamlessly to third-party web hosting provider like Shopify, Weebly, Wix, WordPress by Bluehost, Squarespace etc.

There is another great feature called web forwarding, using this you can redirect traffic to your domain directly to an existing site.

Easy Domain Management:

Easy domain management with developers and clients is another great feature by Google domains.

Google allows you to add collaborators or developers for your domain name. You can buy your domain name easily on Google domains and easily add collaborator or developer or anyone who designs a website for you with different level of access.

If you are a website developer and you design website for your client, then you can embed Google domains widget on your website which allows your customer to find and buy a domain as per their choice. After they purchase domain by their google email account, Google will connect their DNS setting to your service.

Free Private Registration:

Free private registration on Free WHOIS Mask. This service is free with most of the top level domains.

Keeping privacy on personal information related to your domain is very necessary and you have to pay for this if you buy a domain from any other registrars but when you purchase a top-level domain from Google, you will get free private registration on WHOIS privacy for your domain. You can manage your privacy setting easily on your Google domains dashboard.

Transparent Pricing:

Pricing of Google Domains is very transparent. They don’t provide tricky offers like other domain registrars.

If you search on internet for domain, you will get lots of offers, discounts and sales for domain purchase from all domain registrars. But if you look deeply in those offers, you will get to know that there are tricks only. For example you may get domain at Rs.200/- but when you will click on buy button, you will see that it is for 1st year only and second year price is Rs.1200/- and you have to buy for 2 years to get this offer.

That means you are buying that domain @700/- per year not @200/-. So this kind of tricks are used by all registrar. But Google does not provide any tricky offers or discounts, whatever price you see on screen, you have to pay only that price. Personally I love this Transparent pricing by Google domains.

Easy & Simple Interface:

I feel simple and easy interface makes dashboard of Google domains awesome to use or work on.

Interface of Google domains is very easy and simple. There is no ads or sale offers. You will get all the important buttons and links easily and quickly. The looks of the interface is simple but very decent. You will love to see it when you login to Google domains account.

Best Support Team:

When you buy a service or product, the support from the seller company takes the most important role. Google’s support features are extremely well and so you will get the best support here also.

Google domains offer you supports via Help Article, Email, Chat and Phone. The support team were trained well to answer your all questions regarding the products. They provide solutions to your problem very quickly.

Google is always known for great products and services, so you no need to worry about buying a top-level domain from Google domains

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