Our Journey to Explore the Best 5 Places in Thailand

Hello friends, today we are going to share our most beautiful experience with you. Yes, friends, this was the most beautiful experience because we have travelled abroad for the first time in Thailand. But before making this plan we were very confused.
Some people told us to go through the travel agency’s package and some others told us to go directly and to make an instant plan with the help of locals and hotels. Then we both discussed with each other and decided to go to Thailand directly without any travel package and in the month of September’19, we started our journey to explore the best places in Thailand.

best 5 places in Thailand

Our journey to explore the best places in Thailand

Thailand: Land of Smiles

Thailand is located at South East Asia and popularly known as the “Land of Smiles” because of its friendly, cheerful, generous type of people. Thailand is considered as one of the world-famous tourism hotspots for its great people, wonderful scenery, tropical weather, outdoor activities and mainly for the highly developed tourist infrastructure.

It is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in Asia.

Thailand is best known for its breathtaking islands, stunning beaches, Buddhist temples and authentic Thai foods.

There are lots of places in Thailand and all are extremely beautiful and it is not possible to visit all of them in a limited period of time. We have planned 6 days visit so we decided to explore those places which are less explored and not commonly includes in travel packages.

Then we shortlisted some places and started our journey to explore the best places in Thailand.

Here, we have mentioned some places those one must include in their bucket list while visiting Thailand, South East Asia’s most popular travel destination.

1. James Bond Island in Thailand

best 5 places in Thailand
James Bond Island

James bond island tour in Phang Nga Bay is one of the most essential tours one must do once visiting Phuket island. You will admire the sight of beautiful rocky cliffs rising dramatically out of the sea. The view of limestone rocks and greenish colour seawater will definitely amaze you.

James Bond Island tour includes the visit of 4 places, the “James Bond Island”, the “Bat Cave”, the “Hong (room) Island”, and the “Panak Island”. The ocean of the James Bond Island along with the other islands have calm bay as less prone to high tides and people can enjoy Canoeing or Kayaking out there. James Bond Island is one of the best places in Thailand.

We can say that the trip to James Bond Island is a fully romantic trip and we recommend this place as best for couples and families.

2. Bangla Market Road in Phuket, Thailand

best 5 places in Thailand
Bangla Market Phuket

Bangla road is the centre of nightlife for the popular Thai holiday destination that is Phuket. It’s a great place for bar hopping, with many regular bars, beer bars, gogo bars, live music bars and nightclubs all on one street.

As soon as the moon goes higher, the Bangla Road starts to become lively. Once you enter into this area, you will feel like a fantasy world full of hard rock music, beers, girls, all the neon lights sparkling everywhere.

Another interesting part of Bangla Road is the “Sea-Food Market“. People can enjoy a great variety of roasted or smoked sea-foods there along with fresh fruit juice. This is one of the best nightlife in Phuket. You will really love its energetic vibe. A must visit one of the best places in Thailand.

Bangla Market Road is the place full of entertainment and famous for adult attraction. So, we recommend this place for couples and friends only.

3. Jomtien Pattaya Beach in Thailand

best 5 places in Thailand
Jomtien Beach

Jomtien beach is located at Pattaya. It is a straight 6 km sandy beach. The beach is really beautiful, clean and perfect for a family holiday.

Less crowded. It’s more relaxed, quiet and clean. There are many activities to do on this beach, including Jet-skiing and Para-sailing. Jomtien Pattaya Beach is one of the best places in Thailand.

Jomtien Pattaya Beach is the less explored beach and we enjoyed a lot there. You can visit this place with your loved ones and family.

4. Sea Life World in Thailand

best 5 places in Thailand
Sea Life World

“Sea Life World” is located at Siam Paragon Mall, Bangkok. Sea Life Ocean World Bangkok is a huge aquarium with various fish species. There are a lot of sea creatures featured in this aquarium. This will give you an enchanting underwater experience.

Sea Life Ocean World Bangkok is home to a wide range of special activities. There you can also enjoy an eye-catching audio-visual fish feeding show. One must visit the best place in Thailand is Sea Life World, Bangkok.

Siam Paragon Mall is a collage of hundreds of branded shops, cheap electronics, wholesale goods, seafood stalls that will make any shopper’s heart beat faster.

In Sea Life World we experienced the beauty of Sea and it is a very attractive destination especially for kids.

5. Mahanakhon Skywalk in Thailand

best 5 places in Thailand
Mahanakhon Skywalk

King Power Mahanakhon is the tallest skywalk in Thailand and a must-visit tourist spot with a height of 314 meters (1031 ft.) and a total 78 floors. It is located in the heart of Bangkok. King Power Mahanakhon is the glass skywalk in Bangkok, which offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the city from an indoor and outdoor area.

The glass tray is an amazing experience. The glass walkway on the 78th floor is like walking on the clouds. The rooftop has the best views in the city. There is a rooftop bar also to enjoy snacks and drinks. You can have the best sunset view from this building. Another exciting part of visiting Kingpower Mahanakhon is its LED elevator which runs super fast. It is one of the best places in Thailand to visit.

We visited Mahanakhon Skywalk on the last day of our Thailand trip and we must say that it was a wonderful experience. We spent the whole evening on the top floor of Mahanakhon with soothing music and drinks. The view of Bangkok city made us happy and emotional at the same time because our trip was going to end soon.

In 6 day long trip we tried our best to explore the best places in Thailand, among those places, we chose these 5 places to share with you. We hope you like this article on “Our journey to explore the best places in Thailand“.

During our Thailand trip and we enjoyed a lot. All the places are really very beautiful and attractive. If you have the plan to visit Thailand then you must add these places in your bucket list.

Thank you for reading Our Journey to Explore the Best Places in Thailand. Keep loving us.

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