Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule

Hello friends, how are you all? Hope you all are fine. Are you enjoying the winter as we are enjoying? Winter is going to be awesome this year in Assam. Yes, friends, We are talking about the great festival of lower Assam “The Dwijing Festival 2019-20“. Today we are going to discuss the Location of Dwijing Festival 2019-20, Dwijing Festival 19-20 Line Up, Dwijing Festival 19-20 Program list.

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule:

Dwijing Festival 2019-20

Dwijing Festival : 

Dwijing Festival is an annual festival set on the bank of “River Aie” in Chirang district of Assam, India. The word “Aie” means “Mother”. Similarly, the word “Dwi” means “River” and “Jing” means “Bank”. With the name of the festival, you can relate yourself with the beauty of Dwijing Festival.

Dwijing Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Nort-East India. In this festival, you will get the real taste of different cultures from different communities of Assam. Dwijing festival was started first time in the year 2016-17 by the Bodo community with the title “Aie River Winter Festival”. The great response from the people gave the Dwijing Festival a new place in Assam’s annual celebration calendar. Now Assam tourism, Bodoland tourism and the people of Bodoland celebrate Dwijing festival every year on 27th December to 7th January.

The Vision of Dwijing Festival :

The vision of Dwijing Festival is to showcase the beautiful Tribal culture, the Ethnic and indigenous tradition of the whole region in front of the national and international audience. The Dwijing Festival creates higher accessibility to the Assam’s and it’s nearby region’s natural beauty and history.

Dwijing Festival not only promotes the local tourism but also boost up the indigenous talent development, facilitate better earning opportunities, boost up the career of upcoming artists and build a better economy through rural tourism.

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule:

This year in its Fourth Edition, Dwijing Festival 2019-20 is coming with more exciting activities and programs. The cultural program of Dwijing festival always attracts a huge number of people with unique and traditional performances. Apart from these, every year artists from Bollywood and nearby countries came here to perform and made this festival more attractive.

This year on Dwijing festival, there are lots of programs scheduled and the final Dwijing festival 2019-20 Schedule is given below: (Date wise)

Date: 27th December 2019:

Cycle Rally from 7:30 AM 

Inauguration of Dwijing Festival 2019-20 

Local Dance Performances 

DJ Liz Performance 

Sugandha Mishra (Performer, Host, Singer, Comedian. Mumbai) 

Jonita Gandhi (Bollywood Singer) 

Vishal-Shekhar (Bollywood Singer & Composer) 

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule 

Date: 28th December 2019: 

Ha Du Du Sports Competition 

Dance Performance (Kajal Dance Group) 

Dance Performance (Rinkumani Dance Group) 

Dance Performance (Jirina Dance Group) 

Performance by Phukan (Bodo Singer) 

Performance by Samarjyoti (Singer) 

Band Performance by Ambush Band 

Dance Performance (Laxmi Dance Group) 

Performance by Rageeni 

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule 

Date: 29th December 2019: 

Dance Performance (Jumu Rani Dance Group) 

Dance Performance (Manab and Team) 

Dance Performance (Vicky Choudhury Dance Group) 

Performance by Swrjisuma Bwiswmutiary (Bodo Singer) 

Gwmwtao Serja (Singer) 

Sujuma (Singer) 

Dance Performance (Simple Dance Group) 

Dance Performance (Sanskriti Dance Group) 

Bodo Traditional Dance Group 

International Fashion (Flower Show) 

Santali Traditional Dance Group 

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule 

Date: 30th December 2019:

Dance Performance (Bongaigaon Sanskriti Gusti) 

Kapil Swargiyary (Singer) 

Nikita Boro & Asha Boro (Singer) 

Kolakshetra Bihu Dance Group 

International Fashion (Nature Show) 

Garo Traditional Dance Group 

Nepali Traditional Dance Group 

Performance by Anaya Bramha (Singer) 

Performance by Rajesh Tudu 

Performance by Tom Murmu 

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule 

Date: 31st December 2019:

Bodo Traditional Wrestling 

Mainao Dance Group 

Mithun Dance Group 

Performance by Kalpana Patowary (Singer) 

Band Performance by Six Diaries Band 

Performance by DJ Monsun 

Rabha Traditional Dance Group 

Assamese Traditional Dance Group 

Sureka Chetry (Singer, Nepal Idol) 

Dance Dwijing Dance (Finale) 

Dance by MMS Film Production 

Sanskriti Dance Group (Bengali Troop) 

Rap Singer It’s Dhantal 

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule

Date: 01st January 2020:

Olle and Team Dance Group 

Anjali Dance Group 

Performance by Anil Toppo 

Sulekha Bramha (Singer) 

Sima & troops Modern Dance 

Band Performance by Abhilash Choudhury 

Band Performance by Psyspy 

DJ Rajbir 

Bengali Traditional Dance Group 

Deori Traditional Dance Group 

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule

Date: 02nd January 2020:

Sandw Baodiya Dance Group 

Panja dance Group 

Aronal Dance Group 

Dipa Basumatary (Singer) 

Tarun Bramha (Singer) 

Little Beat Band 

Bodoland Got Talent 

Pulse Pandit Band 

Sadri (Bagania) Traditional Dance Group 

Rajbongshi Traditional Dance Group 

Art competition 

Mo & The Shooting Stars 

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule 

Date: 03rd January 2020: 

Northeast Zone Elite Boxing Competition 

Alari Dance Group 

Lipika Dance Group 

Hailw Rumbang Dance Academy 

Jhankar the Journey of Folk 

Prabin Bramha (Singer) 

Debapam Das (Singer) 

Brass Band, ABPN 7th Battalion 

Voice of Dwijing (Finale) 

SR Design Studio (Designer Show) 

Prayanka Nandy

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule 

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule

Date: 04th January 2020: 

Kathak Borthal Nritya 

Local Dance Performance 

Lou Majaw (Shillong) 

Bollywood Dance Performance 

Neeti Mohan (Bollywood Singer) 

Mika Singh (Bollywood Singer) 

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule 

Date: 05th January 2020: 

Udangshri Band 

Birgwshri Dance Group 

Warriors Dance Group 

Tukrajhar Dance Group 

Manisha Devi (Singer) 

Matrix Basumatary (Singer) 

The Family Tree Band 

Mithinga Daimary Group 

Nitamoni Boro (Singer) 

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule 

Date: 06th January 2020: 

Beats Breaker Dance Academy 

Nepali Loko Kola Nritya Group 

Ginger Feet Band 

Hastage Ladies Band 

Paradigm Shift Band 

DJ Rajbir 

& Miss. Dwijing Fashion (Finale) 

Birgwn Club cum Library 

Little Miss & Master Dwijing Fashion (Finale) 

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule 

Date: 07th January 2020: 

Dimple Medhi dance Group 

Gwmwtao Dance Academy 

Dancing Mask 

Krishnamoni Chutia (Singer) 

Usha Rani Bramha (Singer) 

Ansaisuli Bramha (Singer) 

Promod Kharel (Singer, Nepal) 

Passion Fruit Band. 

Adventure Activities:

Dwijing Festival is also very famous for its Adventure Activities. During Festival you can enjoy adventure rides, Ethnic Market, Local ethnic Food, Art Installation, Exhibition, Sports etc. You can also enjoy Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, Hot Air Baloon, Helicopter Ride, River Side Camping etc.

Dwijing Festival 2019-20 Schedule

Dwijing Festival Location: 

Every year Dwijing festival is celebrated on the bank of river Aie. The exact location is called as “Aie river park, Hagrama Bridge”. Dwijing Festival location is very beautiful and it is situated in the Chirang district of Assam, India. The nearby Railway station is “New Bongaigaon”. If you come from Guwahati, then you will reach New Bongaigaon within 3 hrs (Approx. Distance: 180 km).

New Bongaigaon station is connected with all major cities of India, so you can easily reach here by train. If you want to visit this place by choosing a flight, then you first have to come to Guwahati then you can come to New Bongaigaon by Train or by Cab. The Dwijing Festival location is approx. 9km away from New Bongaigaon Railway Station.

Hotels near Dwijing Festival: 

You will get lots of Hotels and guest house near the location as per your budget. All hotels and guest houses are available in the city area and near Highway. If you want to stay at the venue location, then you can book a tent house (Riverside camping) at a budget-friendly rate. If you want to know more about Hotels, Camp rates etc. then please mail us on contact@roamingtales.net . We will try our best to help you.

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