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Dwijing Festival

Dwijing Festival

The “Dwijing Festival” is a river bank festival which is organized annually in the BTAD (Bodoland Territorial Area Districts) region.

Basically this festival is held on the bank of the river “Aie” meaning Mother in Chirang district of Assam from December 27 to January 7 every year.

In 2019-20, the 4th edition of Dwijing festival is going to be more exciting, more organized and full of surprises.

Cultural Programme List of Dwijing Festival in 2019-20

Major attraction of Dwijing festival is its cultural night. This year the organizers are approaching some very famous Bollywood as well as Hollywood artists.

List of artist & Program Details for Dwijing Festival 2020

Aie River

“Aie” river originates from the Himalayas and flows through the Chirang and Bongaigaon districts of Assam before merged into the river Brahmaputra.

Dwijing Festival

This river is the major attraction of Dwijing festival. Hagrama bridge which is nearly about 1200 mtrs. long located on this river is a massive attraction too.

The river bank is generally used for picnic and weekend activities during the winter season.

Though, in summer season, Aie river causes havoc to the nearby people destroying their harvest and properties.

Meaning of Dwijing

“Dwijing” is a Bodo term that means “Near Water”. Dwi means “water” and Jing means “near”. Simply, Dwijing festival defines the “River Bank Festival”.

Moto of Dwijing Festival

Initially, in 2016-17 the festival was known as Aie River Festival. Then its name was changed to “Dwijing (river bank in Bodo language)”. Dwijing festival was started to promote river tourism in rural areas under the Bodoland Territorial Council and make Aie river a tourist hub for the nation.

However, this festival is also meant to provide help to the flood victim families through charity generation and distribution.

The festival put its prime focus especially to the business activities for the better economy generation through rural tourism.

How To Reach The Venue of Dwijing Festival

Dwijing Festival is organized near the Hagrama bridge on the Chapaguri- Malivita road, leading to Bhutan border.

The venue of the festival is just 5 kms north from the National Highway 31, Chapaguri point of Chirang district popularly known as Roumari and Dangaigaon village near Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Bongaigaon refinery.

Nearest airport is Guwahati airport and then it’s three and half hours of drive to reach the location.

Nearest railway station is New Bongaigaon. Festival point is 15 kms. away from the railway station.

Where to stay

The Bohemian Campsite facility is provided in Dwijing festival. Many visitors come from very far away and it is very difficult to go back in a single day. So they can easily rent a tent house and enjoy all the activities happening out there whole day and night. Prior booking of tent house is advisable due to overcrowd.

Dwijing Festival

Terms and condition to rent a tent- person must be above 21 yrs age and possess a valid ID.

If anyone like to stay in a hotel then there are many options in Bongaigaon city. Nearest hotels are Cygnet Park Meghna and hotel Himalaya.


Dwijing festival is one of the biggest river festivals in India and becoming highly popular day by day. This festival comprises of various colorful events to make it a center of attraction for the visitors as a New Year Festival viz.

Ethnic food festival

Dwijing Festival

You can enjoy varieties of tribal cuisines including veg. and non-veg. Many BBQ dishes, Roasted or smoked pork, pigeon, Jow Gisi (Rice beer) and many traditional foods and drinks of Assam.

Trade fair

Dwijing Festival

The handicraft expo is an another attraction to this festival. People can buy clothing, household material, tribal attires etc.

Trekking and Jungle safari

Kalamati Wildlife Forest- Kalamati; untouched land of Bodoland is sharing its border with Bhutan. It promotes the eco-tourism. The view of this place is very amazing surrounded by mountains with a river flown by.

Dwijing Festival

Manas National Park – You can enjoy in the Manas World Heritage Site, the jeep safari, elephant ride, elephant bathing, village lifestyle.

Animal ride

Dwijing Festival

In Dwijing festival, you can enjoy the horse ride, camel ride, and elephant ride.

Boat ride

Dwijing Festival

Here you can enjoy various types of boat riding including the speed boat ride.

Helicopter ride

Dwijing Festival

You can enjoy the helicopter ride for approx. 10 mins. The helicopter can carry 5 persons at one time. This ride gives you the bird view of nearby hills and Bhutan.

Adventurous activity

Dwijing Festival

You can enjoy Para-motoring, Hot Air Baloon ride, Paragliding, River rafting, Fishing and many more.

Games and Sports

Dwijing Festival

Volleyball, Archery, Boxing, Cycling and many indoor and outdoor games including other traditional games are being played during the festival. “Khomlainai” is a major attraction. It is a traditional Bodo wrestling tournament.

Cultural programme

Cultural programmes of Dwijing festival are very exciting.

Many cultural competitions are organized like singing competition, dancing competition, Mr. and Miss Dwijing competition and many more.

Dwijing Festival

The various performances from the North- Eastern states and the Home state make the festival worth visiting.

You can enjoy the live performances of famous regional as well as Bollywood and Hollywood artists.

Dwijing Festival

This year, another various attractive events are decided to introduce in Dwijing festival like cultural showcasing of various ethnic groups, troops having national and international reckoning from different parts of the world.

Another activity in Dwijing festival is Lottery. Lottery prizes are found to be very funny and interesting such as eggs, chicken, duck, fish, goat and so many other things like scooty, bike, car etc.

Dwijing Rider’s Meet, 2020. Vol-1

Dwijing Festival

The first edition of “ Dwijing Rider’s Meet 2020” is proposed for all the Royal Enfield riders on Saturday January 4, 2020 at 4.00 pm. Riders will explore the nature of Kalamati at the foothills of Bhutan. Along with the ride, also enjoy the Largest festival of North-East “Dwijing festival”.

Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC) offered their helping hand and in collaboration with Bodoland tourism, did every possible things to promote Dwijing festival on a national and international field.

Dwijing Festival
Dwijing Festival

Many committees and sub-committees are already formed comprising of senior officials and social workers to ensure the smooth conduct of the festival, keeping in mind about the safety measures of the visitors.

In last few years, people had to face huge traffic jam problem and got stuck for min. 3-4hrs. in traffic due to overcrowd. But we came to know from the source that this year the organizing committee is planning to control the traffic problem by arranging separate routes for the entry and exit of vehicles around the festival site.

They will use barricades to handle the movement of public coming for the festival. They will lay focus on the quality of mobile network connectivity, better security arrangements and programme managements.

They are giving their best effort to make the forthcoming Dwijing festival more attractive and gorgeous one in every aspect for tourists and visitors in comparison to previous years. Lets make it a grand success together.

Thank you.

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